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Our mission

To build strong, dynamic athletes in youth and high school soccer creating powerful, Christian grounded, leaders for a lifetime.  Saints Training combines sport specific strength training and Bible study to build strong, successful Christian athletes.

Our services

Everything we do is to help athletes become stronger, faster, more durable... better, all while growing closer to God and building community.  Saints Training teaches you how to be a humble leader and embrace your true identity in Christ.  We accomplish this by incorporating Biblical principles and Biblical studies into our training routine. Experienced members or "SAINTS" will be challenged to search and strengthen their faith to build complete and mature athletic leaders.  We also strive to get all our athletes into small groups for physical training, spiritual growth and accountability.  We love Jesus, we love soccer and we love growing stronger in both with you.


Personal training


team training

Saints Training has full team clinics and small group sessions.  No matter the size of the group, we always focus on the individual and their needs/goals.  Training is never a one size fits all process.  All teams are split into smaller groups to ensure everyone is learning and doing what they need to to improve.  Growth develops in the small details of movement and form, we ensure that every member is maximizing their development in a safe and positive environment.


Youth Camps

We love kids!  Youth camps are a great way to show younger players how fun soccer can be when played creatively and intelligently.  I have learned that most of our younger soccer players can excel when challenged in a smart and encouraging manner.  We believe the game of soccer is a great way to teach creative thinking and problem solving in an exhilarating way.  Soccer is more like music then mathematics and the sooner players learn to see multiple options to solve situations the quicker they can become dynamic and confident players/leaders.

Mission trips

We utilize our passion for soccer to love others and create desciples around the world.  Saints Training has partnered with several organizations that use the game of soccer to serve communities helping them heal and grow.  Our mission teams can support everything from creating/building new soccer fields and community centers to running soccer camps and coaching clinics globally.  We use the language of soccer to love those we don't know, build relationships that matter and share the love of Jesus.


We base our training on our athletes needs and goals.  We will begin with assessing movement and alignment and from there we build out our programs to meet each individuals goals.  We are strong believers in functional and dynamic exercises that not only improve strength but also increase flexibility and durability.  We also like to incorporate our athletes into small groups to build community, accountability and motivation.

Mission Trips
Youth Camps
Team Training
Personal Training
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